Internet killed the Video Star

Do you remember the song Video Killed the Radio Star? If yes, then, for my case, I would change it to Internet Killed the Video Star. It has indeed moved on to the next level. When I was kid, I was like everyone else, a typical couch potato that’s hooked into Bioman, Shaider, Looney Tunes, Garfield, The Simpsons, and of course, and Ang TV! Haha! Yeah, I was used to the Esmyuskee and 4:30-na-jokes already. And those were the couch potato days.

And here I am, now surfing instead of watching an HBO movie or another film from Star Movies. The Internet has become a part of my life already since I’ve met and gained friends from the Internet. Thanks to the FBI people. The Internet era has made my college life much easier.

Even though I don’t get to watch much TV because of the Internet, I must say that it did not kill my social life. I still have time to go out with some of my friends to watch a movie or just have dinner and coffee. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking another work-life balance statement shit.

And please, don’t ask me questions about the newest show on GMA-7. How would I know that some scenes in Darna are inspired by Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones? How would I know that the recently concluded Mulawin is inspired by Harry Potter? And how would I know that there’s a ala My Sassy Girl Korean soap on GMA?

Pictures came and broke your heart
So put all the blame on vcr
–Presidents of the USA, Video Killed the Radio Star
FYI: The original group who sang this song is The Buggles, the first act to be shown in MTV. And that was in 1981. Video Killed the Radio Star is their first single. And my, very appropriate for MTV.

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