Income Generator at the Peak Season

The Sand Castle Man When we were kids, everytime we go to the beach, we would always attempt to build a sandcastle. If we only have the tools and the skill like that of the local of Boracay shown, we could build a magnificent castle like the one he’s building. During the peak season (December to May), many foreigners will go to the Philippines just to visit Boracay. And as an added income generator for the locals, they don’t need an investment in the form of cold cash. All they have to do is to look around them and be innovative. And that’s what the man did. The last time I went to Boracay, I didn’t see a single trace of a sandcastle with a tupperware beside it where the trigger-happy tourists would give them tips as a token of appreciation and that is if they are generous enough.

Detailed SandcastleI guess this shows how it’s hard to make a living here in the Philippines. At least, building sandcastles is more fun than staring at the computer the whole day. However, building a sandcastle like that of the picture shown on the left is not easy. Just imagine this, they’ll build the sandcastles around 11:00 am or so and they’ll be finished between 3 to 4pm. Can you just imagine yourself building a detailed sandcastle under the scorching heat? I guess not. Nevertheless, let’s congratulate the sandcastle builders for choosing a decent way of earning money unlike the drug lords, pushers, gunmen and the rest of them.

Sandcastle at NightNow that you’ve seen the sandcastle at daytime, you’ll be more amazed how will the sandcastle look at nighttime. It just shows how skilled are the sandcastle builders. Did you have any what’s-this-look-on-the-face when you saw the picture on the right? Did you ever wonder how the hell did they put the light source inside? I guess you’re already wondering and thinking on how they were able to put the light source. Then, you won’t become easily asleep because of that. Now, let’s go back to business. If you think that they’ll just leave the sandcastle there and amaze all the people of Boracay, you’re wrong. What the sandcastle builders do is that they would destroy their work of art and build another one the following day. And, if you’re the type of person that does not like routine work, then, sandcastle building is not for you.

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