In the Paint

Way back in High School, I played in the basketball-for-girls sophomore team. I was neither the one who led the team to victory nor the one who has been generating fouls or whatsoever. In fact, I’ve made only one field goal. A historical field goal that was vividly remembered by my former teammate and my high school friend Chedar.(thanks for reminding me) who assisted me to the only shot that I made and that goes for all of the games that we played. I can vividly recall that moment when she passed to me the ball seeing that no one was guarding me. Maybe it’s because that I was not wearing a basketball shoes known by the names of Nike, and or Adidas or maybe it’s just that they’d never thought that I would be able to shoot that ball. I just wore my trusty old sneakers that goes by the brand name of Sketcher’s. I just froze for a split second after the ball was passed to me and then, I took the shot. That was the first game that we played and the first shot that I made. And that was the only game that we won.

I haven’t played a real basketball game yet since then. After that, I just go to our neighbor’s house and shoot some hoops as a form of the real physical activity that I’ve been yearning for aside from walking from the ground floor up to the fourth floor for our classes. Upon the birth of TimeZone, I started shooting hoops there and was not able to get a score that’s above 40. There’s no footwork that I’ve been looking for just like in a real basketball game. Aside from that, there’s no excitement in shooting some hoops at TimeZone. There are no big spectators that will shout defense. There are no fouls being called at the sound of the referee’s whistle. There are no coaches that will call for a timeout just in case it’s badly needed. There are no overtimes. There are no assists. There are no rebounds. And finally, there are no paints.

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