In Memoriam of May

I met May through Tenten (my friend from CSB). May is supposed to march, but she was not able to. Four days after learning that she will be graduating, she was rushed to the hospital because her illness (which was traced when she was still a child) recurred. She had a comatose which led to her untimely death. I remember we would usually hangout at a certain carinderia at Leon Guinto or at University Mall if they don’t feel like drinking beer. I was really shocked when I learned it from Tenten who just got back from Dubai. I haven’t seen them for a long time. Amongst the group, it was Connie whom I get to see usually because she was working as a barista at Coffee Bean at Greenbelt. And for you May, I know you’re already in good hands. It’s still sad though because I haven’t seen you for the longest time. Good old Colt45 memories. Buy three take one days! Sigh…

Haven’t you noticed? Things like this happen. Graduating from the physical life before or after graduation. And that’s the reason why they have superstitions like not to go anywhere far from home if you’re a graduating student which I find a little peculiar. If it’s your time, it’s your time. That’s the bottom line of it. That’s how life works.

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