I seldom watch PBB, but due to the controversy where my friends told me that there’ll be another one who’ll get automatically nominated for eviction because of breaking a particular house rule. Then, I was able to see Franzen in the confession room (of course on TV) and he said that there’s some impersonator out there playing baseball with Jason.

Again again again…


Okay, I think we need to rewind the footage again and press the Play button.

You see, it’s already on tape and unedited and then you’ll get a remark from him that he has an impersonator who wants him out ASAP? What the?!? Is he just being sarcastic or what?

Another random question, do you think that there’s a possibility that Cass is experimenting with something? Hmmm… something like getting the charisma of the text voters? Could it be that everything that she said is just a show or a “tactic”?

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