I was an NKOTB Junkie

New Kids on The BlogI admit it. I was a New Kids on the Block junkie. New Kids on the Block were the one of the first modern-day boy bands. We had a New Kids on the Block cassette tape and I played the tape and sang with it long time ago. I even tried to mimic their Step by Step dance moves. New Kids on the Block is comprised of Jordan Knight (pursued a solo career), Jonathan Knight (out of the music and entertainment scene), Joe McIntyre (who pursued a solo career and an acting career in theater), Donnie Wahlberg (became a TV actor), and Danny Wood (co-producer of Joe McIntyre’s album). You see, boybands come and go. Boy bands are not here to stay forever. They’ll disband sooner or later. They will either pursue a solo career which translates to big bucks or they’ll just want to make their lives private.

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