I Suck at Badminton

When I was in High School, I didn’t suck at playing badminton. Before, badminton was not a hype and I didn’t suck in playing the sport. Now, I am not good in playing badminton. This was witnessed by my officemates last Saturday when we played at MetroBadminton which is located at Pioneer Street. With serving the shuttlecock, it was not a problem. Then, there’s as if a big hole in the racket that I was using that I was not able to throw it back to the other side of the court. If I could just hide in a shell just like turtles I would. I became confused whether to use a backhand stroke or a forehand stroke. I guess it’s just that I don’t play the game as regular as before that my skills became pretty rusty. When it was already the middle of the game, my performance got a bit better since I was able to execute some smashes and almost dived towards the floor just to send the shuttlecock to where it came from. And so, I was the Queen of Airballs and later on, was demoted to Princess of Airballs. Nevertheless, it was fun playing. At least, my physical activity increased which is aside from walking to the office from Greenbelt and walking towards Landmark from the office. Hehehe!

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