I Love Jack Daniels

No, I am not a drunkard that is heavily dependent of a Jack Daniels branded alcohol. And again, no I am not a fan of some guy named Jack Daniels. I just bumped into the wonderful site of ilovejackdaniels.com a week ago and have given so much respect to Dave Child (the owner of the site) for preparing handy cheat sheets for web developers and designers alike. Cheat sheets that are downloadable for free (in PNG or PDF format) are Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet, ASP/VB Script Cheat Sheet, HTML Character entities cheat sheet, JavaScript Cheat Sheet, MySQL Cheat Sheet, MOD_Rewrite Cheat Sheet, CSS Cheat Sheet, PHP Cheat Sheet and the RGB Hex Colour Chart. The site has become helpful in my daily adventures with PHP and MySQL since I’d really like to learn how to develop a site that is database driven. And IMHO, you really do not need to buy a book about building database driven websites. There an awful lot of tutorials and resources that are freely available online.

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