I hear PBB everywhere

I do not watch TV that much. Before, I used to have a Monday to Friday lunchtime schedule and a 4:30pm schedule when I was still in my Eat Bulaga and Ang TV fever. Then, there came my 5:30pm habit where I watch Balitang K because of the information that I get there. When we had Cable TV, I watched a lot of Discovery Channel where I was made to think if I should be a medical detective or an engineer. When Survivor was shown on TV, I became hooked into it but the following for the show did not last. When I heard of RockStar: INXS, I immediately become glued to the TV screen. Now, everywhere I go, the show that has been speaked of almost every person I know is Pinoy Big Brother which is a franchise of America’s Big Brother. Thus, they get their income from advertising, from the text votes and from the 24-hour subscription in which the images of unexpectedly wild PBB participants were being forwarded from one e-group to another. PBB has also been a discussion in Y!Speak last night. They were arguing if PBB should be discontinued or not. Some have commented that the show provides the audience for social analysis and for understanding human behavior. Others were not in favor of the show because of the effect that it could bring to the children. However, the PRO-PBB team argued that there’s such thing called as Parental Guidance.

And so, after hearing about PBB almost the rest of the day yesterday, I expected that I won’t be hearing much of it. Well, I was wrong. The publicity stint of PBB over the weekend has finally gotten in the office. I rarely hear my officemates talk about PBB. Now, they were talking about it just this morning. I was just hearing names of Cass, Raquel and JB. PBB101 Module anyone?

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