Humor Me

Last night, we went to 22nd Street, a certain comedy bar in Las Pinas and we were able to catch the tandem of Chuby, Ate Gay, Anton Diva, and two more people that I cannot really recall. We were supposed to sit upstairs so as to avoid to be their “victims” even if we are all aware of a dozen things or more that could possibly happen to us there. Fortunately we did not become their victims however, no one has escaped them. There was a group of friends there where in one of them is celebrating her birthday. And I don’t know how the girl took it the way they made fun of her. She was their on the stage and was asked to sing a couple of songs and even before she could sing, the making fun at the expense of others type of humor was executed naturally. And they were pretty much predictable that night. And that is in a sense of what they are going to do next or who will they target next.

Also, I had an impression that they have this kind of superstar complex. It was like they are belittling that the money which some from the audience gave them. I understand though that they have high rates considering that they have a bunch of TV appearances but I think that they should not be like that. Oh well, that’s just me.

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