Huayu Shopping Village

Shopping Village

If you want to shop for something cheap, well Shopping Village is not the place for you here in Sanya. It is located in the Yalong Bay National Resort District. The places where tourists frequent are the same places that you should expect anything expensive. Even though they sell expensive stuff there, it’s nice to roam around the place and have the ultimate photo tripping.

I went around there just this afternoon and just took some photos of some interesting finds there. The place looks like it has just been constructed and there are some stalls there where the finishing is on-going. I found the Chinese version of the “perya” there where one of my colleagues got his cute pig stuffed toys in different sizes.

The Shopping Village boasts of modern and traditional Chinese architecture. This is evident in the roofing and the details of some of the structures there. In the middle of one of the staircases there is a series of fountains with metallic fish that seems to have jumped out of the water. Dragons are also commonly found in the details of their sculptures.

This is just what I like about traveling. It’s like getting to experience the culture of a certain place that I’ve read on magazines and the Internet.

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