Hong Kong Disneyland Dreaming

Lance and Mickey MouseLike my nephews, I’ve been an ultimate Disney fan and was dreaming to be in Disneyland. I set foot on Disneyland in Los Angeles, California when I was fourteen years old with my Dad. It was spring then and I was like a little kid trapped in an adolescent’s body amazed by the mascots who walked in front of me and the huge structures that stood there. It was like a dream come true seeing Mickey Mouse even though I know that what’s inside is a person working for his necessities. When it was announced that Hong Kong Disneyland will soon be opening, we’ve expressed our interests in going there. Even my nephews have the same thing in mind. I’d love to go there and I know that my nephews will surely enjoy it. My nephews should prepare for the ultimate walkathon of their lives. I can just imagine how would Lance say,

Karga, Karga…

It will be totally impossible for him to say those words to their Dad since we just went malling for a few hours and he was saying that his feet hurts and he wants to be carried.

If Lance will be carried, Justin would also want to be carried. He’ll say these words,

Karga, Karga

Oh my! Good luck to me. If Lance is already heavy, then Justin is heavier.

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