Hard -to-find Movies

Hard-to-find movies are really a price catch. Usually, you could get original copies (whether DVD or VCD) at a much expensive price rather than the movies available right under our noses. Just two years ago, I started collecting hard-to-find movies and my venue was Pinoyexchange.com, where some of the members sell such. Of course, those are burned copies but of good quality. Some copies are even ripped from DVDs.
Since PEx is somewhat crowded, it is hard to look for the threads where they post what’s new on their list. Thus, I recommend to you FilmSpotting. It is indeed a haven for film collectors who do not want the trouble of having their cellphone or wallet snatch at the streets of Quiapo, or the burden of damaging a bunch from their savings account just to get the copy of the film they wanted.
Thus, film lovers, click the link and be transported into a realm of rare movies.

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