Happymealiolytis is a sudden urge of eating at McDonald’s not because of the food but because of the need to get the toy. It is like a booby trap waiting for you to munch Burger McDo, McSpaghetti, Chicken McDo, and or the 2-piece hotcake meal (available only for breakfast). And because they have some of the Rockman characters (four of them) as their Happy Meal toys, I am being hypnotized everytime I pass by McDonald’s. Of course, Rockman (the protagonist of the popular video game) was already out of stock in McDonald’s Greenbelt Paseo and in Glorietta as well. What should I expect? That they are overflowing with Rockman toys? Not! Haven’t they got the concept of Law and Supply and Demand yet? It is obvious that more and more people would want to get Rockman. Thus, there will be a supply left of other toys and they will have to come up again with the McDonald’s Ultimate Happy Meal Toy Sale just like what they did before.

Perhaps, the next in line for the Happy Meal toys are the characters from the film Chicken Little by Walt Disney. By the way, McDonald’s USA do have Chicken Little characters as Happy Meal toys. Another marketing strategy from Walt Disney to further promote the more expensive merchandise.

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