Happy Birthday Toyo

Just some time ago, I have learned that there was such a brand of soy sauce as Happy Birthday Toyo from an e-mail forward that contains funny names of business establishments or brands in the Philippines. Happy Birthday Toyo has been said to be a soy sauce brand in the 1970s.

I was wondering what was their concept in making the TV ad of Happy Birthday Toyo during that time.

Picture this out. A close up shot of a kid wearing a birthday hat and his friends and relatives are singing in chorus, “Happy Birthday To Yo” and as the song comes to an end, the view is then zoomed out. Then, instead of finding a birthday cake at the scene, you will see the Happy Birthday Toyo bottle with a candle lighted on its cap. Then the boy would blow the candle and his companions will clap their hands. After that scene, the mother of the boy will say, “Happy Birthday Toyo, the toyo for all occasions!”

Now, for its billboard ad, picture this one. A kid wearing his birthday hat and he is about to blow the candle located on the bottle cap of the soy sauce. And at the bottom of the picture the text in order to lure the consumers are, “Sa Happy Birthday Toyo, araw-araw ang birthday nyo!”

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