Happy 10th year Anniversary to Urbandub

urbandub 10 years of influence

The birth of Urbandub in the city under the southern lights has been a big influence. The first time I heard their song in the radio, I hoped that they would come to Manila so that I could watch them live and buy their album.

When I heard that they will be having a gig at Rockradio Alabang, I’ve fallen on deaf ears to my conscience that was telling me that it’s a school night and just answered the question of ‚ÄúWould you go?‚Äù with a yes. Their gig was an invitation that I cannot resist because it was their last night in Manila.

If I’m not mistaken, during the gig, I approached a Cebuana named Lalay (Urbandub’s bassist). I bought the CD from her and I was starstrucked.

The moment I played the album ‚ÄúBirth‚Äù, I knew that they’re going to make great songs that will make the crowd (boy or girl) sing with them as if they’re singing an anthem. It was the mental picture that I saw as I listened to every track. Urbandub‚Äôs music then was a new tattoo and will definitely be a part of the other tattoos that marked the music scene.

A couple of years after, I went to Cebu for work and not for pleasure. Since we will be spending the weekend there, we might as well catch a gig. Apparently, we went to the wrong bar, which is beside the bar that they performed. It was an interlude between closeness.

Again, I approached Lalay but I was so shy and I stuttered. It was as if there’s a guillotine that made me pause and stutter more. That was really embarassing and I felt that it was the end of something.

Then, an opportunity came where Yehey! invited me and Sha to the Urbandub chat event. See the evidence here.

Tomorrow, Urbandub will celebrate their 10th year anniversary. Since I cannot be in Cebu tomorrow, I dedicate this post to Urbandub and to their quiet poetic music. 😉 To all those in Cebu, alert the armory! Go to Level 8 Adnama Bldg. Larrazabal Avenue North Reclamation, Mandaue City. Ticket is 250 pesos with free Jack Daniels and Cola. 😀

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