Guide to Buying Used Cars

Buying used cars can be really quite a drag because you have to make sure that you are getting a good buy. And it is indeed a tedious task. There are a lot of websites that are selling used cars and even accessories for that matter. For those who are in California, you might want to try used cars in San Diego and of course for those who are in the Philippines, just go to tsikot and ebay-ph. Aside from websites there’s the popular Buy and Sell but it would be a lot better if we could see the photos first before contacting the person about the car. Around the metropolis, there are a lot of businesses that are engaged in buying and selling of cars, you may want to take a look there too. However, you may not be able to haggle the price of the car because you’re dealing with a third party and not the owner of the car.

Factors to consider in buying a used car

Form. Trust me, you would not want to get a car that has rust, a broken windshield, a missing side mirror, or a missing bumper.

Function. One does not buy a car to have it displayed only in his garage. Make sure to have a test drive. Feel free to adjust the side mirrors and the rear view mirror to check if it’s properly functioning. Check the lights too. I’m pretty sure one would not want to drive at night without lights unless that person wants to commit suicide. And of course, don’t forget to check the horns.

Cost. Make it a point to compare prices so that when you see that there’s a lower price, you could haggle with the owner and negotiate.

History. Check the history of the car since there are some cars that are being sold that were used in illegal activities. I believe no one likes to get sued here. Check with the LTO if the car is indeed registered to the present owner.

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