Green Archers Won Game 3

Is this Araneta Coliseum?

It was already halftime when I went out of the house to go to Taft Avenue to meet up with my friend who asked for help in their project. It was a close fight indeed. The rebounds for FEU were 19 while DLSU got 17. However, the 3-point shooting of DLSU is 5 out of 12 while FEU is 1 out of 6. As soon as I arrived Taft Avenue, I went straight to the University Mall and watched the last minute of the UAAP game. When I got there, FEU was leading by two points. Then, Casio made a three point shot and then wham! Thus, the Taft-based cagers were leading by one point. Coach Banal of FEU called for a time out. Then, Cardona “Captain Hook” was fouled and so, he made the two freethrow shots with only a few seconds left on the clock. The Green Archers won by 3 points.

Animo La Salle!

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