Great Books in Hong Kong International Airport


I cannot remember anything the last time that I went to Hong Kong. I was 8 years old then. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, we headed for the other wing via a train and I’m not sure if that train already existed since the first time I got there. By the time we arrived in the other wing, we headed towards a bookstore called Relay in which I think does not have a good name recall.

I saw some notable books there for geeks and netrepreneurs alike such as The Search (How Google and its rivals rewrote the rules of business and transformed our culture) by John Battelle. Another interesting book is Winning Results with Google AdWords. Aside from Google, there are even some books there that are related to making business with eBay. And for the web 2.0 generation, Wikinomics by Don Tapscott should be interesting. It even has a tagline “How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything”.

Aside from those books with web and business written all over it, a literary piece from Paulo Coelho is Like the Flowing River. However, I was not able to find other books from Coelho there.

There is also a diary there wherein you have to do something unusual every week. And the tasks that you should accomplish are written in the diary. In the diary, you could even chart out your progress. Hehe! Hmm, I wonder if someone actually did the task for Paris Hilton week where you would upload a home-made video in the Internet with you and your partner suggesting human anatomy in steamy action.

Lastly, I saw another book that has caught my attention because of its title. And that book was Who Moved my Blackberry by Martin Lukes with Lucy Kellaway. Obviously, this book has satire spelled all over it.

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