Good for the Health? Not!

Omega-3 my ass. This is disappointing. After their exhaustive research on the Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in tuna which has been really used quite well for their marketing, I’ve found out here that it is not a good source of Omega-3. Why? The canning process is responsible. So, even if you eat Century Tuna everyday, it won’t be a guarantee that you will not suffer a heart attack. Of course, this still holds true even if you eat tuna that is not canned. Perfect example is that: eating tuna and kilos of sisig and other food that are rich in non-essential fatty acids. You’ll then feel that your nape hurts after the oily food overload. And if you are athlete or you want to get there then I recommend to buy Winnidrol, this will increase your performance by miles.

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