Good Earth

If you think that Good Earth will remind you of some bath and body shop, well, it’s not. And that was my first impression upon hearing it. Good Earth is actually a restaurant at Greenbelt 3. We had our dinner their yesterday since it was my Mom’s birthday yesterday. She was in Makati really early that when I got there I didn’t have the time to go around and buy her something. I think it’s a Chinese Restaurant because when I saw their menu, it gave me the impression that the owner has a penchant for century eggs. And I do not like the taste of century eggs. I just do not find it appetizing. It’s a good thing that they did not ordered one.

Mom asked us to order and I was having a hard time and I settled for ordering a seafood dish since it has been ages since I ate one. I ordered for Lobster Balls and my sister ordered Prawn Curry. The lobster balls taste really good especially the sauce. But if you are ever going to order that one, I suggest not to dip it on mustard. But then again, maybe it’s just me since I do not like mustard at all. But Prawn curry became everybody’s favorite. It was an instant hit. It’s like love at first bite. Hehe! They even ordered for another one. Also, try their ripe mango shake.

One more advice if you’ll be eating there, just make sure you have a big budget since the dishes there are some what expensive. It’s like eating at TGIF or Don Henrico’s. Thus, get ready with your credit card or a thousand bucks or more.

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