Going to Hospitals Reminds Me of Horror Movies

I went to the hospital yesterday to visit my friend who was going to have her appendix removed. When I got inside UDMC (United Doctors Medical Center) which is located at Welcome Rotonda, I was reminded of some horror movies where one of their locations include the hospital. And so, I have had some creepy images in my mind other than the images of doctor saving lives, or another baby has been added to the large Filipino population.

One movie that came to my mind was Tiyanak. Of course who would not have known that film of a cute baby and then before you knew it the baby is transformed into a horrific creature ready to devour your intestines. Tiyanak is like Rugrats, the horror version. There was a scene in this movie where the tiyanak is in the nursery along with the other babies that does not do a Dr. Jeckyll to Mr. Hyde stint.

Another movie is one of those zombie movies where the dead bodies in a morgue suddenly stands up and walks and even if they are not talking you could just imagine them saying,

“Run for your lives! I’m gonna take you to death bed with me!”

In addition to that, there’s also one of those creepy alien stuff where someoen is being operated then suddenly, one of the internal organs would just take the doctor’s life by strangling him to death or some gory stuff that words are not enough to describe them vividly in order to produce the screams having a decibel count that has the ability to shatter a glass.

And if you’re too paranoid, and has been psychologically affected of horror movies in a hospital setting, then you should really take care of your health.

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