Going Back to Imma

Last Thursday, I went to the High School Graduation of my dear alma mater, which is Immaculate Heart of Mary College (formerly known as Immaculate Heart of Mary School when I graduated). I was invited by my former teachers along with the Valedictorian of our batch who happens to be a good friend of mine and that is Ruth Canlas (2003 Top 10 Most Outstanding Students of the Philippines). They were actually expecting the three of us, and the other one is Ronald Mercado who happens to be busy on that day since it’s already tax season. I guess you already have a clue with regards to his line of work. Our tandem, most especially in the Chemistry class, was quite known in the batch. We had an investigatory project where the three of us plus one of our friends were in the same group. Our investigatory project back then was the development of a medicine in minimizing asthma attacks. We really didn’t use chemicals. I guess the proper term for that would be alternative medicine since we used raddish as the main ingredient. Before the school year ended, we ran independently for a position in the Student Council. Since running independently does not seem to appeal to the students unlike in DLSU, we lost since some would think of it as a popularity contest or a beauty pageant. Despite of that, we were one of the few people that were appointed to be part of a cetain committee.

Going back to the topic, when I got at IHMC, some of the teachers were not able to recognize me. I guess it’s because of the sudden change of my hair-do and that is the bangers hair-do (bangs plus just-over-the-shoulders hair-length) to the layered style. Hehe! After the commencement exercises, they treated us some dinner which surprised us. And some of the teachers there were even looking for my brother even if he studied there up to grade three. Well, who could ever forget him, he’s the one who made the teachers cry. Haha! And who could forget his Beatles haircut? And who could forget his role as Georgy Porgy? They were even asking me to tell my brother to go there and bring his kids. Hehe!

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