God Bless the Child

This image at the left is posted so that you won’t be confused if I will be talking about the movie God Bless the Child. This is the title of the album of Mishka Adams. And the reaction that I’m expecting from others who would be reading this is, “Who is Mishka Adams?” accompanied with a headscratch. When I first heard of her, I thought that she’s an International Jazz artist. In fact, she’s a half British and half Filipina. And she’s not a typical Jazz artist for that matter. Her music is like a mixture of jazz and world music. Beyond that, she has real talent. She does not only write songs and sing them, in fact, she plays the saxophone too. Aside from music, she’s also into photography.

When my mom first heard this album, she immediately asked my brother if she could borrow it. And I guess this is just one of the things that I have with Mom in common, and that is we both love jazz. I would remember how my mom would always tell me to stop the Windows Media Player since she would classify my playlist to her music category called noise (something with distorted guitars).

It’s good that we can both listen to something since sometimes, even though I don’t find it noisy, for her, it’s still noisy. So if you have a diverse taste in music and someone close to you cannot stand the decibels produced my distorted guitars, then you should buy this album.

This album is under Candid Records Philippines. It consists of 12 tracks where some of which are covers but with their own arrangement as well. Other artists who backep up for her in the album are: Noli Aurillo, Edgar Avenir and Sammy Asuncion (arranger and guitarist), Louie Talan (bass), Mike Guevarra (saxophone), Ria Villena-Osorio (keyboard), Brandy Aranilla (trumpet), Arnold Casinto (percussion), and Koko Bermejo & Fritz Barth (drums).

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