Glorietta Explosion

Photo Credits to disneycute

The Inquirer website yesterday was relatively slow when I was trying to access it to learn more about what happened in the Glorietta explosion. It happened around 1:40pm according to Keysi Nunez. When that happened, I was working at home. And even if I’m at the office in Makati, I would not even have gone to Glorietta at that time simply because it’s my time to work and it’s not time to stroll around the malls.

In the above picture, I would only pass by there if I need to get something at Glorietta after work. It was a shock to see that the windows have shattered due to the explosion. I guess I’ll not be passing by this area for some time.

I guess if it happened around 6pm, there could have been more casualties than what has been reported.

Anyway, in the initial reports (in the website), the source of explosion was an LPG tank. And that sounds really strange since it could not have made that kind of impact if it was just coming from an LPG tank. People are not that gullible to believe that it’s coming from an LPG tank.

Just this morning, my friend Carol sent me an SMS:

13 days after Pacquiao’s victory against Eric Morales, naganap ang WoWowee Stampede.
13 days after Pacquiao’s victory against Larios, Mayon Volcano erupted, many died in mudflow.
13 days after Pacquiao’s victory against Barrera, Glorietta explosion..

It was a quite interesting observation.

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