Giving Some to Charity

I’d like to commend White Hat for donating some of their profit to some charitable institutions. In their first activity, they had Miguel Escueta as a guest server where they donated 50 percent of their income for the whole day to I AM STRONG, an NGO that helps the youth to become responsible adults. In their most recent activity, they gave some of their proceeds to PAWS. This is a monthly activity that they’ve been doing and it feels good to be a part of it.

Rockers are socially responsible too

Outreach with KKK
December 15, 2002, Outreach with KKK

I was able to join an NGO together with some Imago listers including Zach Lucero and Aia de Leon at that time. It was an outreach activity where games were held for the kids. With this, we organized the Lick an Angel’s Tablet gig. The proceeds of the gig went to the orphanage that we visited.

Itchyworms at Lick an Angels Tablet gig
Itchyworms at Freedom Bar (Lick an Angel’s Tablet gig) – Feb. 15, 2003

There were a lot of bands that played that night and it really feels good to be involved in this kind of endeavor.

Sandwich at NU107 Alternativity
NU107’s Alternativity – December 28, 2002

I’d also like to commend NU107 for Alternativity which is an annual event. That was actually my first and my last to participate in Alternativity. I donated some canned goods in exchange for the ticket that I got for the event.


Poverty is there and all we could do is to help in some way. It may not be big but it’s still something. 🙂

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