Getting your Starbucks Planner

Better than Last Year's ArtworkGetting the Starbucks planner is not easy I tell you. Imagine yourself gobbling up on all the 21 drinks and draining your wallet at the same time. If you’re the only one filling it up and have quite limited resources, then what you could do is to organize a Starbucks tambay session with your barkada. If you are a big barkada (e.g. 21 people), then you could get your Starbucks Planner in just one day. Isn’t that great? How about inviting the whole block (or section) to the nearest Starbucks branch? If you are around 40, you could get a Starbucks planner and you only need two drinks to fill the other one. However, the problem is that you’ll just make the baristas to curse you because of the awful lot of drinks that they have to prepare. Aside from that, when you go out with your family, you could ask them to have coffee at Starbucks. Or, if you have a friend who’s going to Starbucks and is not interested with the Starbucks Planner, just tell your friend that when he orders, just tell the one from the cashier that he just left his Spark Hope stub. Just make sure that he’ll give it to you within two days. And if ever you’ll claim it, make sure you order at least one drink. If your friend won’t give you the receipt, play as his conscience and tell him the Spirit of Christmas and the children that will benefit from it after completing the 21 stickers. Hehe! Happy Drinking!

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