Gary Granada and his Ordeal with McDonalds

After having seen the Jollibee Scandal video at YouTube, I received a forwarded email about Gary Granada’s ordeal with McDonalds. I read it and it has something to do with the reduction of the use of styrofor in fastfood chains. Just recently, I’ve posted on my disappointing noodles food trip experience. As part of the working force in Makati, there are a lot of establishments whether small, mid-sized or large still use styrofor. For instance, JolliJeeps in Makati use styrofor and even its counterpart in Alabang as a packaging for their food. Even though it is optional, people would still opt to have their food placed inside a styrofor packaging. Aside from Jollijeeps, 24-hour convenience stores also use styrofor in food packaging. I believe that it would be best to educate people why styrofor or styrofoam should not be used most especially for food and beverage applications. I’ve read an article about its effects and I am alarmed of what could possibly happen to other consumers that have been using this on a daily basis for eating and drinking.

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