Funwich Memories

Before Funwich even came out in the market, I’ve experienced eating sorbetes (dirty ice cream) served with pandesal. Just think of this, instead of putting peanut butter (or ham or whatever), you put ice cream in your pandesal. With that, Presto came out with Funwich. If you were not able to try Funwich (I was able to try it during my grade school days), you really did miss a lot. It’s a chocolate biscuits with an ice cream in it. They even have come up with a Mickey Mouse shape of it. 😀

These memories were all brought back when I was able to try Penny Brown Smackers with Jam earlier. I got the vanilla ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate peanut pleasure while she got the same set of cookies with raspberry ice cream. Penny Brown Smackers will give you the ultimate sugar rush. Thus, you may want to buy first a bottle of mineral water before indulging to this guilty pleasure. Each Penny Brown Smacker costs 65 pesos but if you want to have a guilt-free dessert buy trying the sugar-free smacker, it would cost you 100 pesos per smacker.

I did a little research earlier and discovered that three Filipinos are the founders of Penny Brown. Vincent Tintoc, Michael Ramirez, and Ryan Ang started the business in November 2005 but I guess the Penny Brown craze started when Jam asked me if I’ve heard of Penny Brown. They currently have a branch in Robinsons Galleria and in Glorietta. I guess they should sell a franchise of it. I think that it also has potential overseas. 😀

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