From Ska to Pop

Long before, there’s a band called No Doubt that falls under ska music. After a while, there’s Gwen Stefani going solo which was expected of bands with female front acts that has the face value and sex appeal of a commercial model or a Hollywood celebrity, and a talent which does not necessarily equate to having great songwriting skills but having a powerful voice would matter though. But then, Gwen had a sudden change of taste in music. If it’s her choice, then she just wants to be part of the in crowd or the pop clique. Perhaps being chummies with Britney Spears or Christina Aguillera would help her shine more than ever. If it’s not her choice (her talent manager’s choice or the record label she’s with), then it has added to the stereotypical descriptions of major record labels in general. Such stereotypes are being control freaks and being in love with the green which is definitely true for some record labels. Okay Gwen, don’t speak for now. Your current video in MTV is just enough.

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