Friends Season 2

Yesterday, I was having my usual FRIENDS Marathon. I cannot believe that I was able to finish 13 episodes yesterday. Just imagine this, I finished the 2 episodes while I was having my lunch which happened to be my breakfast since it was my first meal of the day and the other 3 episodes in the afternoon. When my sister used the computer, I watched the eight episodes and after that, “Whoa! I’m done with Season 2!”

Now, let’s have a recap!

At the start of Season 2, Rachelle found out that Ross was in love with her and while she was waiting for him, she did not know that he met a girl at China. When Ross came back, she was surprised to see that Ross had a new girlfriend. Thus, that was the start of a love triangle.

After some time, Ross broke up with Julie and he was already inches close to have Rachelle as his girlfriend until Rachelle discovered the Cons list that Chandler suggested. Then, Rachelle started dating other guys and one of them looks like Ross. It’s like Ross with a longer hair and with no gel.

Then, when they were watching a VHS tape of Rachelle’s and Monica’s High School Prom, the whole gang found out that Ross was to the rescue by saving her from not having a partner to the prom night but then, her date arrived shortly when Ross was on his way downstairs.

This is also the season where Joey had an acting break at the Days of Our Lives. He was Doctor Drake Ramoray in the show. He had a psychotic stalker who actually believed that he is Doctor Drake Ramoray. Apparently, the girl loves to live in a reel world. Also, he moved out and stayed at a bigger apartment unit. Because of that, Chandler got a new room-mate who happened to be a psychotic too. Then, Joey got back at the apartment after his character was killed.

As for Chandler, he was chatting with a girl on the net and met up with her even though she’s married and has a kid already. And surprise surprise, the girl is Janice. Who could forget her Oh (pause) My (pause) God line and her annoying laughter?

As for Phoebe, she discovered that her father is not the one from the picture frame. She also met her half brother. In addition to that, she was able to make a recording deal of Smelly Cat plus a music video of it too. She has also a new set of fans ranging from the age of 4 to 7 years old.

As for Monica, she had a boyfriend. And also, she got fired from her work. Her boyfriend is actually her eye doctor which happen to be their family friend and is 20 years older than her.

That’s it for now. What did I miss?

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