My friend asked me if I know Siniloan, Laguna. And because she does not know that I am from there since she’s thinking that I am from Pagsanjan, Laguna which is based from our upcoming shooting-the-rapids summer getaway this May. I said, “Of course I know the place. That’s our hometown.” And she asked me if I saw a lot of fireflies there. I told her that I have seen some fireflies there. She confessed that she’s in love with fireflies. I just told her that she should watch the Korean film The Classic if she loves fireflies. I just hope she would be able to get herself a DVD copy of that film. Looks like I’m pretty much booked this May. Hehehe!

By the way, before I told her about the shooting the rapids proposal of a summer getaway, she asked me if I wanted to go to Mount Pulag this July. However, I don’t think it’s advisable to go there at that time of the year because it’s the rainy season. And so, I suggested a cheaper summer escapade.

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