Filipino Voices – My Choice

It was really hard to choose in the list of the Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice Nominees. If I were to be subjective in my choice, that would give me a hard time and of course the reason for voting won’t be logical at all and won’t make any sense. Thus, I’ve become objective in my choice. Amongst the list, my vote goes for Filipino Voices.

Why Filipino Voices?
If you’ve read this post “Who Profits from Filipino Voices“, you can see how passionate the bloggers in Filipino Voices. In fact, it exists because of:

Who profits from Filipino Voices, but the people who want to see real change and want to contribute to the formation of a truly Filipino model for revolution. Who profits from the reverberations of the collective voice but the collective? Who must profit from all of these but the poor and the disenfranchised, never those whose parasitic natures corrupt this paradise. Who must profit from FV but those who thirst for knowledge, for truth and seek a way out of this perpetual cycle of disarray and corruption that threatens future generations.

I am hoping that they will be able to do an Acceptance Speech in the coming Philippine Blog Awards Night this Sunday. πŸ™‚

This is a start of a vision, a gathering of great and passionate minds, a focus towards prosperity, understanding, and a better Philippines. We push forward because we know that our nation is still clouded in darkness, we can become part of that light, that sheds whatever misunderstanding there is among us and sheds light on the issues that we face as a nation

Haven’t voted yet? Read the instructions on how you’ll make that vote. πŸ™‚

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