Fete Moved to June 30

As previously posted, it was tentatively scheduled on the 27th of this month. However, we learned that events should almost be always scheduled on a weekend so as to be assured of a crowd. The venue is at the Music Hall of the SM Mall of Asia. And yes I agree that it is a bigger venue than last year’s Fete which were held at El Pueblo and The Podium. I’m hoping that this event will push through. Read more for the history of Fete de la Musique this year according to Noel (bigbertv5[at]yahoo.com).

Word had spread around that this year’s fete was not pushing through. A couple of weeks back, I was at the cocktails for the French Film Festival at the Shang and bumped into Martin Macalintal of the French Embassy and asked why the Fete was not pushing through this year. He said it had been cancelled for some reason or another. I asked him what it would take to make it push through volunteering at the same time I could ask around for a venue and some support just so this much awaited event could happen. He said it was all up to me if I wanted to organize things from scratch. The idea here was to get me to take the intiative and materialize the Fete out of thin air. Well, it looks that I managed somehow to do that and get a committment from the Mall of Asia to provide the venue, the lights and sounds equipment, food and drinks, a minimal budget for other expenses like honoraria plus a laser show to boot. All these in record time of a weekend. Three days to be exact from my bumping into Martin. The Tuesday after, I took a meeting with Conseiller Francois Blamont. Probably because he saw my intentions and the private initiative I was taking to bring the fete about for 2006, he gave his blessings.

The band profiles that poured in have proven to all and sundry that a good thing like the fete cannot be put down. The primary reason why I couldn’t stop putting my foot into my big mouth in the first place and volunteering to get it together. Honestly, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself involved in. I talked to some friends like Frank Corona, Bagetz Valeriano and they offered to help. Without everyone’s support, the fete could have been history I just would like to make you guys understand that this festival is all about the music. And the majority of you have shown that’s what you are all about. The MUSIC. The way it was first conceived in France way back in the 80’s when the French Minister of Culture decided to set up this music festival and provided the stage in a public venue and welcomed musicians who freely performed to the non-paying public. Every year the event usually happens around Europe and other countries at around this time, usually on the 21st of June. It would really be a pity if it didn’t take place in Manila this year where it has become a habit if not an addiction.

Well, guys! The Fete de la Musique is a GO! Tentatively scheduled for the 27th at the Food Court, we decided to move it to a weekend so we can be assured of a crowd. Plus we also realized that some of you guys are still in school and a weekday would be too much of a hassle. So on JUNE 30, 2006 WE PARTY!!!! The venue has been moved to a bigger place, the MUSIC HALL facing the waters at the MALL of ASIA!

This email is just to acknowledge the effort you took to contact me. I will be updating you with developments. Ilang tulog na lang at Fete de la Musique na uli!!! Let’s all get together on the 30th to celebrate life, love and MUSIC! Above everything else it’s all about the MUSIC!

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