February does not only remind me of Valentine’s

Even before February started, almost everyone I knew would talk about Valentine’s day and how they would want to spend it with their significant others. Also, others would rant that they’re loveless for the nth time on Valentine’s day such that some were on a searching spree for a possible date even if it’s only just on the 14th. It’s like that they feel that they are sore losers especially that February is usually coined as the Lovers’ month. In fact, candle-lit dinners, a bouquet of flowers, stuffed toys, and the like are not the only ones associated with February. In fact, there’s more to look forward to in this month especially for Music lovers, whether you’re a UP student/alumni or not. Drum roll please… THE UP FAIR!!!

I’ve gone to two UP fairs already. The first one was in 2003 and the second one was in 2004. It was such a great experience. Imagine, soundtripping at Sunken Garden while eating isaw is the one thing that you will never experience inside a bar. The only thing that I love about going gigs to bars is that it’s more intimate since the crowd is small compared to big events.

UP Fair is not limited to UP students or alumni. It is open for all but not for the potential gatecrashers that are not willing to pay for the entrance fee. I just hope that for this year’s UP Fair that the horrible thing that happened last year which was held last last February 13 won’t happen again. The creepy thing about it was that it happened on Friday the 13th and that was a Heavy Metal night. It was a good thing that I was not there because I was also planning to go on that night.

Also, February reminds me of my Mom’s birthday and that is this coming Friday already. It also reminds me of one thing, SHOPPING! Of course, I want to make my mother feel special on her birthday and a simple gift would make her feel great on that day. Thus, February 11 is already reserved for Mom and I won’t be going out on that day except with Mom and my siblings.

Another thing that would remind me for this month is The Festival of the Twins which is held every February 21. Last year, my nephews participated in this event. I was able to find out about it when our helper saw them on TV Patrol. Too bad I was not able to saw them on TV. Hehe! I’m not sure if they will be participating this year.

So you still think February is only for lovers? NOT!

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