Featuring: Tag Team Productions

Tag Team Productions was born last April 1 of this year. No, Tag Team productions is not an April Fool’s day type of production. And no, they’re not organizers of a wrestling competition. Tag Team Productions was started by a group of friends who happen to be music afficionados who can’t play an instrument to save their lives (from sheer boredom) as Jaja Campos (part of the Tag Team productions) have put it. Also, according to Jaja,

We named it
Tag Team to commemorate a fiasco which resulted into one of the most special friendships we’ve had.

Their first gig was Rakenroar 2 since Rakenroar 1 was not under the said production yet. It was held at Brannigan’s, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. The debut of their production consisted of the following bands as part of their first line-up: Plane Divides The Sky, Mayonnaise, Monkeyspank, Salamin, Severo, Hale, Hopscotch, Sultans of Snap, Saydie, Kneel On Nails, and Sique. Bands that would usually fill in their line up are Mayonnaise, Monkeyspank, 13 Needles and Severo.

They have an upcoming event on the 22nd of July at Gweilo’s Eastwood featuring Acidstone, Mayonnaise, Monkeyspank, Dirty Kitchen, Tribu ni Dulu, and Bridge.

Please do check them out on their upcoming events.

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