Faking an Accident

I was watching the film Third Wheel with my sister at the living room just this lunch time. Then, there was a part in the film that a homeless man faked his accident even though he did not suffer a slight scratch but an imaginary broken bone. Actually, this modus operandi is not new. In fact, just a few months ago, something like that happened in Taft Avenue, between DLSU area and Quirino Avenue. Someone faked an accident, that he was hit by the car even though he was not hit by the car. The guy asked for money.

I just do not know how many were fooled by this guy. There was a time when me and my brother were on our way home from our cousin’s house. Our grandmother was also inside the car. We were passing by EDSA until *BLAG*. A person bumped onto the left side of our car. Then, we stopped at the right side of the road. The people with their injured friend rushed to us and demanded to bring them to the nearest hospital. We brought them to the nearest hospital and still demanded us to pay for the expenses even though we’re not supposed to since they’re crossing on a highway and they’re all drunk. We stayed there until dawn and yes, me and my brother was still shocked at the hospital because that kind of accident happened for the first time.

It’s such a waste that you will be blamed for accidents that happen to irresponsible people. And that was certainly a bad timing since our Uncle would be going back to Canada around after lunch.

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