Eraserheads Reunion Concert Live Album

Sancho posted a great news on the mailing list regarding the live album that is to be released. Sancho is the producer of this most-awaited album by Eraserheads fans. I’m expecting that the album cover and inlay will be an awesome one since Cynthia Bauzon-Arre is designing it. 😀 I guess the album will be released this year.

Hey, peeps.
I just got home from Tracks where Angee Rozul and I just finished work on
the live reunion album. I’m attached to the project as record producer.

This will be the first album since Circus that’s not produced by Robin
Rivera, though this is not the first time for me to produce an Eraserheads
track. I produced their version of Manila for the Hotdog tribute album,
though I wasn’t properly credited on the inlay.

Anyway, the album sounds great. Angee and I also made sure that the “crowd
moments” were properly highlighted, specially yung mga sigaw ng “group hug!”
and yung mga sing-along parts.

I’ll listen to the whole album again tomorrow (pagod na tenga ko) and see if
there are last-minute tweaks. I’ll also give copies to the boys so they can
listen and make objections (hopefully none, heheh) before the disc goes to
the duplicators.

If all goes well, the CD will be in stores soon. The album cover and inlay
is being designed by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre. I’m excited to see the final


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