Eraserheads Reunion Concert is Confirmed

[UPDATED]: Read more to see link to the teaser poster

[UPDATED]: Read more for Ely’s Confirmation of in Jam 88.3 and for the company behind the concert

[UPDATED]: Talent fee is not 10M pesos each via Jim Ayson

[UPDATED]: Confusion arises on who’s the real company behind it

[UPDATED]: Ely Buendia in 24 Oras

We first heard the speculation from Tabachoi and Sha. I was actually with Sha at Gateway when some of her UP friends approached her about the USC in UP Diliman wants to have an Eraserheads Reunion Gig for the Centennial.

I was just actually waiting for it to be printed on paper before posting it here. Here’s the link to the Philippine Star Article, FLASH: Eraserheads Reunite. The concert is said to be held on August 30, 2008 CCP Grounds. The August 30, 2008 date came out when one commenter from Sha’s blog posted VIIIXXXMMVIII which we weren’t able to guess right away.

I think that the songs that they will be playing will be the same set Ely Buendia performed in his not-so-publicized concert in Sydney, Australia. Check out this YouTube video channel of StayDefiant.

I’d love to know where and when we could start buying the tickets. 😀


Could this be the teaser poster?


One lister from the Eraserheads Yahoo! Groups said that when he/she (can’t distinguish if male or female, email address and display name is quite confusing) listened to Jam 88.3 where Pupil was a guest. The host asked Ely Buendia about the reunion concert. Ely Buendia confirmed it that it’s really going to happen this coming August 30, 2008 at CCP Complex.

And the company behind it will be Marlboro according to a source here (a comment from Multiply user subtersub). Jim Ayson also confirmed it here. He added that each e-head will get around 10 2 Million Pesos each.


Who’s the Company behind reunion concert?

It has become more confusing on who’s the real company behind the upcoming Eraserheads Reunion Concert.

One commenter from Sha’s blog said:

bakit? red horse lang ba nag bisyo??? 🙂
i wonder…hindi kaya yung produkto na may government warning??????

In addition, there’s a follow up comment:

hindi red horse‚Ķ.red din, at minsan may horse‚Ķ 🙂

Picking up the pieces of the clue left by this commenter, it’s Marlboro. Only cigarettes have government warning. In addition Marlboro Country Ads = use of red color plus horses. 😀 However, there’s still no confirmation on what’s the real score.


Ely Buendia in 24 Oras

Ely Buendia confirmed it in 24 Oras that the concert will indeed push through on August 30, CCP Open Grounds and that he’s okay with his ex-bandmates. Tickets will be free but in order to watch the concert, you have to be 18 and above. Information is from the Eraserheads Mailing List.

confirmed na ni ely! august 30 daw CCP open grounds!

“ok na daw” sila ng mga kabanda nya.

wala raw binebentang ticket. absolutely free daw. as long as you’re

18 or above!

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