Eraserheads Night at Saguijo

The theme for last night’s gig brought you by Revolver Productions is Eraserheads Night. As expected, the bands covered some Eraserheads songs. The line up consisted of Frank Sinatra, The Purplechickens, Ernville, Spazzkid, Imago, The Lowtechs, Bagetsafonik and Chicosci.

Frank Sinatra did a cover of Pare Ko. Not a full cover though because they did a medley. It was my first time to watch Ernville, The Purplechickens and The Lowtechs perform live. 😀 Spazzkid did a remix of some Eraserheads songs. Imago did a cover of Spoliarium (as expected). But I’m happy that they played Rain Song (not the full song though) which I haven’t heard live for years. 😀 Chicosci did a cover of Kailan and Magasin with Raimund Marasigan on drums (he took the drum parts that night). It’s also nice to hear Chicosci perform Paris again. They rocked Saguijo that night.

Amongst the performances that night, I love Spazzkid’s remixes of Eraserheads’ songs. But of course, Chicosci’s set stood out because Raimund Marasigan was with them.

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