Eraserheads Live: The Final Set Experience (Part 2)

Ely and Raimund -1

This is the 2nd part of my Eraserheads Live! The Final Set Experience. You can check out part 1 here. The first song was Magasin. It was one of those songs that they weren’t able to play during the first reunion concert. It was like the biggest videoke party that one would experience the moment Magasin was played.

First Set

Marcus Adoro singing

Here’s the set list for their first set:

1. Magasin
2. Walang Nagbago
3. Maling Akala
4. Maskara
5. Poorman’s Grave
6. Waiting for the Bus
7. Huwag mo nang Itanong (Marcus Adoro on vocals)
8. Slo Mo (Raims on vocals)
9. Alkohol (Raims on vocals)
10. Insomnya (Raims on vocals)
11. Torpedo

Raims and Ely

Amongst the songs from the first set, I was not expecting “Poorman’s Grave” to be in the list but I was really excited upon hearing the intro of the song. πŸ™‚ “Waiting for the Bus” is also one of my favorites from the Cutterpillow album. In addition, I was surprised upon hearing Marcus singing “Huwag mo nang Itanong” most especially since it’s sung by Ely Buendia (also from Cutterpillow). Another unexpected that happened when Raims sang a couple of songs (“Alkohol”, “Insomnya” and “Slo Mo”).

Where Ely's jacket landed

By the way, when Ely Buendia threw his jacket, it landed on our spot. Sha was one of the audience who was able to get hold of the jacket. And so, I documented it. πŸ˜€ The bouncer kept it first while trying to cool things down and then it was later agreed upon that the jacket will be divided.

Ely Buendia during the acoustic set

Second Set

Here’s the set list:

1. Julie Tearjerky (acoustic)
2. Tikman (acoustic)
3. Wishing Wells (acoustic)
4. Fine Time (acoustic)
5. Pare Ko (acoustic)
6. Kailan (piano only)
7. Back2Me
8. Trip to Jerusalem
9. Spoliarium
10. Overdrive

Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan

In the second set, they elevated from the bottom of the stage (similar to the reunion concert that was held last year). They were seated and there’s a lamp behind Ely. I was also surprised to hear “Tikman” (remember the Burger Machine ad back then?), “Wishing Wells” and “Fine Time” (a love song from the Cutterpillow with a fast beat). Ely Buendia sang Kailan (lounge version). When the band left the stage, the crowd shouted for more.

Raims shocked in front of Ely

Encore Part 1

1. Superproxy
2. Minsan
3. Alapaap
4. Kaleidoscope World (chorus only)
5. Ang Huling El Bimbo

Confetti at the concert

Ely Buendia sang Superproxy, there’s no rap but Sha rapped the part of the song when it was supposed to be. “Alapaap” had a different musical arrangement this time they performed it (which was never done before). Chorus part of “Kaleidoscope World” was sang as a tribute to Francis Magalona. Another highlight was, Raims was holding a small placard with the text “Man from Manila” (one of Francis Magalona’s songs) and the crowd was chanting “Francis, Francis!”. Everybody thought that “Ang Huling El Bimbo” was already the last song as confetti was pouring down. Sha cried as the said song was playing. At the last part of “Ang Huling El Bimbo” Ely Buendia lit up a piece of paper with a lighter and threw it on the Sticker Happy piano and poured lighter fluid on it.

Almost a group hug

Then, they went together side by side on the stage with Jazz Nicolas (of Itchyworms) and almost had a group hug and bowed all-together. The tech people started to dismantle some stuff on-stage and people were about to leave while people were shouting for more. When Raims went back on-stage, people immediately rushed back. The crowd helped Raims calling Ely, Buddy and Marcus one-by-one.

Discussing songs to play

Encore Part 2


Ely sat down on stage

The part two of the encore seemed to be not planned since they looked like as if they were discussing what should they play. This was the part were Ely Buendia went down from the stage and went near the VIP area.

After the concert

Ely's jacket divided among us

After the concert, we had photo-ops one-by-one with the jacket, plus a group photo with the jacket at the parking lot and then it was later cut to four parts. Sha will then give me the sleeve part soon. πŸ˜€

We decided not to go to the after-party anymore since we’re already tired, thirsty and hungry. The after-party was announced during the concert (held at Siete Pecados, Sofitel). Other Circus Listers trooped to Saguijo instead of Siete Pecados. I heard that Raims went to Saguijo after Siete Pecados, not sure about Ely, Marcus and Buddy if they were also able to go there. πŸ™‚

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