Eraserheads Live: The Final Set Experience (Part 1)

Almost a group hug

Being in front of them playing again after the first Eraserheads Reunion Concert is surreal. Just like the first one, I felt nervous before the show started. I was thinking how will the entrance be or what are the songs that they’re going to perform. Also, this is the first and the last time that I will be taking their photos as Eraserheads, some thing that I wished I was able to do back then but I cannot since I was younger and live far from Quezon City where their gigs are usually held. However, I was able to watch their concert in my alma mater during High School. And when I was able to watch gigs already, they were still called Eraserheads but Ely already left the band.

VIP Entrance to Eraserheads Concert

We were queued up at the VIP entrance, right side at around 3:30pm. It was really hot there but we didn’t really care how hot it is. We were the 3rd and 4th persons lined up. We were able to get inside the concert grounds at 4:30pm and we immediately went to the front to get the best spot.

The stage at the Eraserheads Live: the Final Set

Upon settling down on our spot for the entire duration of the concert, I took a photo of the stage. Each side of the stage (back, left and right sides) has big tarps of art works.

Ely's Piano

Sha went around the concert grounds to observe and also to possibly check if some friends are there. She then, spotted Ely’s piano on-stage which we really couldn’t see from our spot. She was able to take a photo of it.

CircusFreak ID

Then, she had photo ops with other Circus listers and she came back to our area with IDs. Thank you to Levan and Jaz for the IDs. 🙂

Jazz Nicolas sessioned for the Eraserheads

Then, we saw Jazz Nicolas of Itchyworms already setting up. Jazz also sessioned for the Eraserheads Reunion Concert that was held August of last year.

Video Walls on top

Video walls mounted on top of the stage were then tested.

Camera man at the VIP Area

There were a lot of camera men around the concert ground. At the VIP area, there’s one camera man on each side. The middle part dividing the two sides of the VIP area has two camera men. In addition, there are other camera men that were situated on the other areas of the concert grounds.

Spotlight and camera man test

When it was already dark, they tested out the lights and have had someone on stage positioned on Ely’s spot with a styrofoam. Camera men were also there trying to adjust the settings of their gear. Of course, I also tested my camera. 10x optical zoom is just sweet. 😀

Anne Curtis with MTV VJ Sid

After a few moments, Anne Curtis and the other MTV VJs went on-stage to host which is actually very typical of MTV to do. In my opinion, the concert will be better without the hosts. By the way, the crowd shouted “Dyosa, Dyosa” while Anne Curtis was there. 😀

Eraserheads AVP

An AVP was then shown on the video walls. It was great seeing those old videos, interviews and such. It’s like a trip down the memory lane.

The Eraserheads Final Set Countdown

After the AVP, letters started to appear on the video walls. We just shouted the letters that were flashing on the screen and I immediately realized that it’s a countdown in place of the usual by the second type of countdown. Of course, it ended with a letter E. 😀

Fireworks at the Eraserheads Live: The Final Set

Fireworks started to flash on-stage as they ended their first song. Anyway, during the E-countdown, we already saw them on-stage. Their entrance in the Eraserheads Reunion Concert last August was for me, the grandest entrance I’ve seen live.

Watch out for the part two of this blog post. Meanwhile, I still have to prepare to go to Trinoma for the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus event. 😀

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