Enough of Spider-man 3

It’s a bit of an exagerration to show Spider-Man in almost all of the cinemas in Metro Manila. I guess the cinemas are capitalizing on the Law of Supply and Demand. Since there are a lot of people that have been anticipating for the Spider-man 3 movie, they might as well capitalize on it. In fact, they are so smart that they decided to have the first day of showing of Spider-man in the Philippines on a holiday (May 1 which is the Philippines Labor Day and a non-working holiday).

If you go and check out the cinema schedule, you’ll have a feeling that there’s some sort of monopoly going on. And yes, I’m sick of seeing Spider-man in all of the Greenbelt cinemas earlier when I checked the schedule online for my brother. And I guess that the other films that were already being shown in the US will be shown next week.

The villains in Spider-man 3

Sandman is portrayed by Thomas Haden Church. He’s the creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He became Sandman when he was in a nuclear testing site and came contact with sand that has been radiated by an experimental reactor. His molecular structure was then altered into a sand-like substance which could in turn transform some or all of his body to sand.

Venom is the result of the bonding of Spider-man and a symbiote (an extraterrestial parasite). Spider-man activated a machine that releases the symbiote (black liquid). His body was then covered with this black liquid.

Harry Osborn is the second Green Goblin. And he will die in this movie šŸ˜€ .

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