Engineers will remain as Engineers

Boys will be boys. Engineers will remain as one. And green jokes will never be colored red or blue I suppose. During the LPEP before I formally entered college which was defined as the first day of June, we were literally outnumbered (35:5 male-to-female ratio). We played a game where we would shout out loud our chosen body part of a cow everytime our block section is called. It was a totally radical experience for me for I graduated from a coed high school where green jokes seemed to be color yellow. Then, there came a time when I was the only girl in class (excluding the professor). That was only true for our Integral Calculus class. Our professor, being of the conservative of all the conservatives, bad words and other words that would trigger the beep sound in TV and or media as a whole were not allowed. And because she’s Chinese, even my classmates that can converse in Chinese were not allowed to say the Chinese translation of the beep-triggering words.

Then, there came the double-meaning words that would be sensed quickly by the true green minds. Of course, there will be always the class Pong Pagong where he/she would just laugh without knowing why it is funny (Erm… Ignorance is bliss?) or the laughing hyena chemical reaction would take place after five minutes or so. On the contrary, I am not ashame to admit that I am one of those who have a la Flash reflexes when it comes to green funny bones. And being exposed to this in the College of Engineering has made me well adaptive in communicating with different kinds of people.

Not only that, whether green or not, jokes are just one of the ways of destressing yourself. Let me give you an analogy, Toilet duck is your blank milliliters of green jokes, the flush is your laughter and your stress is the poop. And if the joke was that bad, please don’t forget to spray lemon-flavored Lysol.

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