Emerald Garden

We had our family lunch yesterday at Emerald Garden after Claudia’s graduation rites. She just got her bachelor’s degree in Management of Financial Institutions at De La Salle University. Sleeping late for studying has paid off when she got her medal for Honorable Mention.

Emerald Garden is a Chinese restaurant located at Roxas Blvd. We enjoyed our family lunch there not only because of the food itself but also because of the fact that they serve the food fast. I’m really not sure if they are always like that but I’m also thinking that they might have anticipated that some of their would-be customers would go there after the graduation rites.

We ordered an appetizer first while waiting for them. We had a set of cold cuts. My nephews tried the Century Egg and they did not like it. I guess they thought that it tastes like ordinary eggs and the only difference is its color. Century egg is too exotic for my taste buds and so are for my nephews.

Then, we ordered the dishes when they texted that they are in the parking lot at the PICC. Apparently, we thought that it would take some time to prepare the food before serving it to us. We were surprised when it arrived after five minutes or so of eating appetizers. When they arrived at the restaurant, the rice (Yang chow) has to be reheated and we were almost done eating.

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