Emboss Tips for Starters

iPon Nano

Here’s a picture of a rendered assembly of iPod Nano that I did in Autodesk Inventor. I used the assembly-centric method (otherwise known as the top-down assembly). I started first with the blue cover on top. In reality, there are only two colors available for iPod Nano and those are black and white. Actually, I was supposed to use the color white but when I tried rendering it in Autodesk Inventor, I had problems in creating a lighting that would really show the “whiteness” of the cover. Then, I made the LCD screen where I didn’t chose to put a decal on it. Afterwards, I made the click wheel. Those with the Play/Pause, Forward to one track, and reverse to one track signs are created using the Extrude feature. As for the menu, I used the Emboss feature of Autodesk Inventor. At first, I attempted creating a sketch on the top surface of the clickwheel where the text MENU is placed. Then, I started to experience problems when I tried to click on the sketch after clicking Emboss. What happened is that the top face of the click wheel was being highlighted instead of the sketch containing the text.

iPon Nano 2

Thus, what I did is to create a new work plane that is offset upwards from the top surface of the click wheel. Then, I made a new sketch on the work plane that I made. After that, I used the Emboss feature.

Steps in using the Emboss feature (assuming that you have already created the part where you want to put the emboss):

    1. Create a new Work Plane that is offset so-and-so from the surface you’d want the emboss to appear
    2. Create a new sketch on the work plane created.
    3. Use the text tool then made the necessary adjustments to the way its positioned as desired.
    4. Click Return.
    5. Click Emboss.
    6. Choose the text by clicking it.
    7. Make sure that the wrap to face button is checked.
    8. Input the desired extrusion height.
    9. If you want to apply a different style on the embossed feature, choose material. Otherwise, your done!

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