Ely Buendia Suffered a Heart Attack

Ely and the Marshall

At the age of 36, Ely Buendia suffered a heart attack (due to blocked arteries) and I just read the news this afternoon. There were rumors being spread by some sick lister in Pupil’s Yahoogroup according to Mighty Dacs. He had his second angioplasty in the Philippine Heart Center according to GMANews. Ely is the band leader of the defunct band Eraserheads that won the Hall of Fame Award in the 2003 NU Rock Awards. After staying out of the limelight, Ely formed The Mongols which was disbanded shortly and formed Pupil afterwards.

The music of Eraserheads is certainly one of my musical influences. At the peak of their career in the 90’s, I was learning how to play some E’heads songs like Ang Huling El Bimbo, Magasin, With a Smile, and a lot more.

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