El Cajon

First and foremost, this is not a review of an old age Spanish Telenovela that would seem to have a story line of being kidnapped and was put inside a box and then throw it at the falls and still come out alive just like Anna Luna (the Darna in the making). My dad just bought a cajon. A cajon is a percussion instrument that look likes a box from afar. It is made of wood and it has strings inside. The cajon or the box has a hole like that of a guitar so that sound would not be contained inside of it.

He bought it because he was thinking that a cajon would also make a pretty good chair without the back support. The time when he brought up the idea to me, I was very much eager about it. Just imagine this, we could have a mini jamming sessions here at home. I’d rather go and play the guitar because I’m not a good percussionist although I know how a cajon is played.

I can produce a sound that would seem to come from a snare drum. I guess I still lack the feel of it.

I still have to practice playing that instrument. Hehe!

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