Eight Signatures, Eight Hours: The Aftermath

Reliability run is not just like your ordinary experiment. It is like your preliminary final defense. It is like having a defense for almost eight hours just to get the faculty to sign the Reliability Run Sheet. Calling for the professors and have them signed at the sheet can be compared to a die-hard fan asking for an autograph of his or her havorite actor (or actress).

What if the reliability run became a reality show for an educational channel like Discovery Channel, National Geographic or even TechTV? If this would be reality TV, the host would certainly be our thesis coordinator. The judges will be the faculty of our department plus the College Dean. The contestants are the eight thesis groups. The main objective is to gather signatures in eight hours. It would be like Survivor and Amazing Race rolled into one. And since the show is not yet over, the sequel to it would be like the show 30 Days.

Eight groups, eight signatures, eight hours. Thus, the title of this show should be Otso-Otso and to add further excitement and to signal the start of the show, a representative of each group must dance to the tune of Otso-Otso. Also, before getting the signature of the host, a representative from the group should dance to the tune of Pito-Pito to signify that seven signatures were already gathered. After the signing, the host would then pull the stake out of the group’s box and declare that they are conditional survivors. Conditional because the other requirements must be completed like that of the draft of the documentation, oral defense, final documentation, among others. The prize would be a course card that would not be below the passing grade which is 1.0. A special prize would be given to the group who has lead the Amazing Race, which is the race to Gold Thesis Award.

Now, if this is reality TV, as of now, our group is a conditional survivor.

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