Effective Chain Letter Writing

Chain letters spread through e-mails have become so popular that everybody hates it and most would still send it. It has been part of the cyberculture and even if one person would break the chain, the letters won’t go lost. You may even find it back on your very own Inbox. Thank God that the old-school chain letter (written on paper) has become extinct. Now, if you want to be really creative in sending chain letters and be effective at the same time, we should now use a little of marketing here.

First, there has to be promotions. Just put some testimonials that you have created. All should be positive testimonials and such testimonials should not be written in the Kitikitext age style. However, you may want to put some celebrities there since randomly named people would block your way in sending the message across from a person who’s really not into sending chain letters. Let’s say you want to make a supposed testimonial of Kris Aquino. Be sure you sound like her so that it would be more convincing.

Second, there has to be benefits. You should let the receiver know that he or she will get something in sending the chain letters to 20 people or so. Asking for the wish of the receiver is not going to work. They’ll just send your mail on the trash right away. You have to be very specific. In short, you have to know what’s the talk-of-the-town. Let’s say that they’ll receive a limited edition of Starbucks 2006 planner or an alarm clock that only alarms at 3am that sounds like a witch.

Third, establish the credibility of the chain letter. Compose your own letter that would seem to come from a high position of a certain company. Be sure to put the contact details of the person and do not forget to ask the receiver to also send the e-mail to that particular person.

Finally, be sure that it will be opened once received. You may easily establish it by putting in the subject heading: Do not read it or This is Crap. Subjects such as those would arouse intrigue amongst the receivers of the chain letter. Start writing your own chain letters now. You’ll be surprised you’ll get one that you made.

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